Obsessions and Confessions

To start with, I must say…I don’t think I’ve ever logged into Gmail as much as I’ve been logging in ever since I got my second Pottermore mail. My extreme obsession has not, as of yet, borne fruit. *sigh*

Lots of funny things have been happening lately in life. And I’m again reminded that however much you yourself try to be nice and amiable, it’s very hard for girls to not be bi***es. That’s sad. Really. especially when the same people turn around and bitch about you just because they realise that b**ching about some other people who’re more outspoken than I am, will get them into trouble. This also means that there’s an abundance of hypocrites in life, because no one will own up that they’ve been talking nasty things behind your back. In front of you, they’ll all be wearing a halo.

I don’t like hypocrites.

I guess the only thing that comes out of being balanced yourself is that these people can’t usually say much about you. And if they do try to, you can easily shut them up because deep down, they know they’re being bi***es


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