Sometimes, I wonder whether I’m actually living in the 21st century

I wish my aged relatives would realise that I’m only 20 and leave me be. Especially when it comes to bringing marriage proposals! Ugh! Why is it so hard to believe that I’m not at all interested in getting married? At least for now! Thankfully, these proposals are never seriously taken by my mom and dad. We laugh about them over our cups of coffee/tea.

But the first time someone said something about a “suitable match”, my mom was astounded. She pretty firmly worded out her reply, which basically spelled out the no-way-is-she-getting-married-now idea. Why is it so hard for people to believe that just because I don’t have a boyfriend, it doesn’t mean I’m pining away for companionship! People can be so narrow-minded…really!

But, being the social scientist that I am (or will very soon be), I observed something funny. There was this one guy someone had suggested (you know…the usual…nice guy, educated blah blah blah). As my mom described his family and where he lived (just to irritate me), I suddenly realized that I knew this guy! “He has a sister? He lives in <xyz>? OMG! That’s Abc! I can’t marry him!”. While my mom suspiciously asked me why, I realized it would have sounded pretty fishy. I mean, I don’t actually know this guy. I’m just acquainted with his sister through another common friend. So why am I so extremely against even the thought of marrying him? I don’t really know. It’s just that I know him through his sister. If I ever met him, I’d probably call him bhaiya too. So I can’t even think of marrying this guy >_<

Well, that’s too much of marriage-related stuff for me. I’m too busy enjoying my own life to even think of a boyfriend, let alone getting married. Hopefully, the match-makers have gotten the hint about me (and my parents of course) not being interested. AT ALL.


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