It suddenly starts drizzling…

Without any kind of noise. You’re just sitting inside, uploading pictures, so you don’t notice. After a while, you decide to just bring the clothes, hanging outside to dry (in the scorching sunlight which was there only minutes ago) coz your mom reminded you to. You go outside and realise…voila! It’s already rained! Brilliant! So now you have to take in clothes which weigh around a kilo more because they’re wetter.

So you get them in. You also bring in the aluminium clothes rack, (which is also wet of course) and wipe it up to some semblance of dryness. Then you start putting the clothes on it, building up a strategy alongside, because the thicker, extremely wet pieces should either be on the sides or on the top. You also have to be able to fit all the articles of clothing onto the one rack. So you strategize a little more. You snake your arms in through the rack to put clothes on the inner rods. You start feeling suffocated because of the nice, gentle moisture the clothes are exuding (can I use this word here??).

The next step is to attach clothes-clips onto the thinner, lighter clothes so that they don’t fall off the rack, which is now resting under a fan. You clip everything up, just in case. Then you rummage around for more clips. You find just 2 more. You act like it’s a do-or-die situation and this is your last bit of ammunition. The two clips suffice and you sigh out loud.

Mission accomplished.


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