A Study of Morons in Society

Some people really don’t know how to take a hint.

I mean really! What do dirty stares mean? They mean get the heck outta here! But what’s a little more irritating (and embarrassing) is your friends sitting there suddenly bursting into laughter, hence causing you to do the same. And hence the dirty look turns into an amused look of anger. Not too good.

My friends and I were at this cafe, chatting away. So this guy’s talking on his cellphone and he decides to roam around and dance in circles around lamp-posts while he does so. He also decides to, for some reason, walk right past your table and stare at what you’re eating <insert dirty look here>. Then the very moment you look straight at him, he has the nerve to smile slightly and walk away! Bloody @#$%^&*!!

And then, he comes this way again. And he does something pretty hilarious. He stands behind the lamp-post (it’s an outdoor cafe), and peeps out at you from behind it, like some shy 60’s heroine. This is where my friends burst out laughing as I looked absolutely horrified and shocked. And so I started laughing too, and the guy smiles again and leaves. He didn’t come back. Jerk.

Another example of such a specimen came up today. I’d gone to give this test at my coaching centre. So I take the only available seat at the corner, with this huge guy on my right. I started my test very quickly, I see he’s started too. After some time, I realise he’s always at the same question as I’m on. He keeps stealing looks towards my computer screen. I look at him once, fleetingly, and I’m like WTH? Stop peeping! Well, he did stop after some time, when I started marking answers and leaving the page very fast. It worked. Heh.

But after some more time, he now started to send out silent distress signals. He threw his arms up in despair, used what-the-hell-is-this sort of sign-language. What did he expect really? I’d take pity on him and ask him to discuss answers with me? Uh, yeah. Sure.

People can really be such morons -_-


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