HP-obsession’s in the horizon

Not that I’m not obsessed already, but this whole Pottermore madness has taken it to another level.

So I’ve already registered on the site yesterday (still waiting for the bloody Welcome E-mail) so I was pretty content with life and all. But then it struck me that why should this stop me from checking today’s clue as well? And I just loved levitating that feather (magic quill, whatever) yesterday. So I want to do that again, even if I don’t do anything more.

So I waited…and waited. I also snatched my copy of GoF from my book shelf and waited some more. And then realized that maybe today’s clue timing won’t be as convenient as yesterday’s was. So I thought, forget it! I’ve already got an account, right?

And then, just when I’m thinking of putting the book back on the shelf, I change my mind and keep it with me. “Just in case”, I think.

And that very moment what swims into my head? A picture of an invisibility cloak, with a note pinned onto it – Just in case.

And I’m like whaaat? :D

I’m even thinking Harry Potter! So much for not being a Potter maniac XD


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