Yes, I did go see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – II

And yes, this is a sort of a review. If you haven’t seen it, please don’t read it and then accuse me of spoiling the suspense/experience for you. That’s the last thing I want to do, having been victim to such things myself earlier.

I went to see the movie on 15th of July itself, ‘coz I really couldn’t wait for it you know?

The 3D effects were not really the greatest. I really wish they’d STOP making every damn movie in 3D nowadays. I didn’t want to see this one in 3D, but the cinema hall near my place doesn’t have the 2D version at all. Boo.

The film was nice though, all included. The audience-bursting-into-applause scenes were real fun :D

First and foremost, I have to mention that the fact that the movie-makers left out a few significant details and in addition to that, added some non-existent (with reference to the book) details instead, made me exclaim in slight shock or amusement throughout the movie. I shall list a few and get them out of the way, so that I can then move on to the nice parts :-

1. What happened to Bill-with-the-scars? Bill is shown looking fabulously handsome, without ANY scars AT ALL. That was disconcerting for me as JKR always incorporates the fact that Bill has a scarred face whenever she has to mention Bill’s expressions.

2. I would have liked Ron and Hermione being a little more involved during the conversations with Griphook and Ollivander. They just stood near the door in both cases while Harry did ALL the talking :(

3. Disapparating to Hogsmeade without the Invisibility Cloak? *eye roll*

4. Aberforth Dumbledore explains nothing about his family :|

5. No scene up in the Ravenclaw common room. I was really looking forward to that scene! :(

6. Snape calls all the students to the Great Hall and asks them to divulge any information that they might have of Harry Potter. And Harry is, of course, standing somewhere in the crowd and suddenly jumps out to confront Snape. Really? *sigh*

7. Why have the Basilisk’s teeth shrunk to half the size of what they were when Harry used one to destroy Riddle’s diary?

8. Did Ron and Hermione have to kiss in the Chamber of Secrets? I mean, such an unromantic setting!

9. How come Snape’s memories come out as a teardrop?

10. We don’t even get to see how Fred dies!

11. Since when is the group of Death Eaters as large as a Narnian army? *exasperated look*

12. That Harry-Voldemort hug-and-fall…I almost laughed out.

13. Harry throws away the Elder wand without even repairing his own wand! :0

14. Why was Ron the only one with a hideous hairdo? Why?!

15. And a little more screen time to the other kids (James, Lily, Rose, Hugo) would have been nice.

These are the few things I found disconcerting. Correct me if I’ve got something wrong, okay?

Now what I liked about the movie will have to be the next post…this one’s too long already


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