Brilliant and Fabulous

Kung-Fu Panda 2 was, without a doubt the best 3d movie I’ve seen (though its true that I’ve seen only two other 3D movies-Avatar and Pirates of The Caribbean 4). Avatar was one of the first 3D movies released here in India (at least one which was publicized and promoted really well. India did in fact have a few other 3D movies released much before Avatar). And experiencing this new technology was nice. But it wasn’t a movie that stays with you forever. And watching POTC 4 in 3D was really not worth it. I mean there were a lot of places they could have made the experience much better. But they didn’t. )

But in this movie…wow. It really was the jump-backwards-into-your-seat kind of 3D effects. And the story was also pretty great. I laughed, smiled, cried (when Baby Po’s mom had to leave him), cheered, all in one movie. And Baby Po!! The cutest thing EVER

This movie was worth every penny.


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