Till When is Silence Golden?

I’d started writing a post yesterday with full intentions of telling you about my college trip to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. But I guess that’ll have to take a back seat for now. And that’s because of the fact that I’m starting to feel unsafe going to my own college.
Yesterday, at the foot-over bridge next to the bus stand at Satya Niketan (a kilometre from my college and a hub for students owing to it’s many eateries and PG accommodations) a girl exactly my age was shot dead at point-blank range by an unidentified youth who could have been either the girl’s jilted lover or a stalker. When I was at college yesterday, I heard about  the incident. We all tutted and tsked a bit and raged about how insecure Delhi is. But it was only when I came back home and saw a picture of Radhika Tanwar(the victim) on TV that it suddenly hit me. This girl had done nothing to harm anyone or irritated anyone but she’d been killed in broad daylight in the supposed view of a police van. It could have been me. Or my best friend. Or my sister or brother. It could have been anybody. What kind of security is the city able to give to us students? Will my parents ever be able to let me out of the house without a sense of trepidation? How much more time does the Government need to give us at least a feeling of safety?
It’s true. The people of Delhi aren’t all good ol’ kind, helpful souls. But aren’t the police at least supposed to try to be so? I mean, are they actually trained to tell a girl complaining to them about eve-teasers that they don’t need to be told how to do their job and then continue having their tea and samosas? Because that’s what two constables stationed near my college for our supposed security told a friend of mine. So whom do we turn to? What the hell are we expected to do when the ‘Upholders of the Law’ decide to act indifferent or even against us? What is the everyday person supposed to do?

Peaceful candle-light Vigil tomorrow, 10th March 3:30 pm from Satya Niketan till India Gate.
We can at least try to make a difference


4 thoughts on “Till When is Silence Golden?

  1. One thing that I want to make it clear here is that the people who are creating these nuisances are not from Delhi. They are OUTSIDERS. Providing security is another thing.

  2. My God! That is horrible. Apathy and indecision are the number one problems with authority in our country :(

  3. @Ankur : I know. Its just so…horrible.
    @Varun : That's true to an extent. But I'm sure all the city people aren't such good souls either.
    @Saumya : Exactly. I wish the situation undergoes some change, and soon.

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