Saas-bahu Temple…what next?

Trust a country obsessed with its daily soaps to convert the name of a temple to ‘Saas-Bahu’ temple. I am not kidding…seriously. But what struck me as even more weird was that an well-established institution while holding a photography exhibition, also referred to it in the same manner. Not just that, they went a step further and titled it the ‘Saas and Bahu Temple’ so as to leave no doubts as to it. I mean its okay saying Sas-Bahu, which is a shortened form of Shastra Bahu (one of the incarnations of Vishnu, as I found out later). But putting that ‘and’ in between the two really changes the whole scenario, you know?

But the temple itself is so beautiful…naming it in such a everyday manner was so not nice. Though I admit that it was only because of the curious name, that I actually came back home and checked it up. :)
Interesting or what? :D

3 thoughts on “Saas-bahu Temple…what next?

  1. Where is this temple? Looks beautiful like you said!

  2. […] Hence the local people started calling them Saas Bahu temples. But from what I understood from my mini-research on the same, was slightly different. But whatever the story, the temple itself is simply beautiful! Saas Bahu […]

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