The Coming of Another New Year

And so ends another decade…

Really??! It took be completely by surprise a few days back when I was watching TV and saw an advertisement mentioning a New Year’s Eve party ‘celebrating the entry into a new decade’. I suddenly realised that it was true that a whole decade had gone by. It sounds silly, but I still distinctly remember being extremely excited about Y2K and watching useless New Year’s Eve shows till 12 am and then dancing around the living room in anticipation of a brand new decade. And now, as I write this, a far more mature and practical person seems to be inside me. The ending of a decade seems so inconsequential to many people, but I feel so changed as I think of what I was a decade back and what I am now. Its pretty obvious that I’m taller, maturer, less hyper and more grown-up. But I look back at my childhood and my teenage, and it hits me that I’m now just as grown-up as I used to wish to be 10 years back. And it feels…weird. I don’t feel any immense satisfaction that I’m going to be 20 soon, though when I was 10 it seemed to be the best thing in the world and so very awe-inspiring to be so.

What I’m basically trying to reach at, is that though we all almost always look back at our pasts nostalgically, its actually the urge to know about the future which makes us go on. And thats what life’s about, right? Moving forward without being bitter about the past or apprehensive about the future. Just taking life as it comes.

Okay…too much of philosophical thinking. But I think this was a bit of a self-realization


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