Raw Mangoes No More

I’m posting after ages, yes, I know. But something happened today which made me a little…thoughtful and wistful and I really felt like writing about it.
There was a mango tree in front of my house. It was a year younger than me. I’ve grown up watching it grow with me, guarding its mangoes, then getting someone to pluck them off and having all the different dishes made of the tangy green fruits. I’ve had many a mango pickle and chutney, even though many of the fruits were stolen from my tree…my tree. That’s what I thought it was. After all, it was like a…younger sibling, who grew up with me. It was a part of my childhood.
A few years back, a termite infestation caught us off guard. Our next-door neighbours had it first, after which the termites happily moved in with us. So anyway, we got the termite treatment done. Those people advised us to get the mango tree sprayed with anti-termite chemical as well, seeing that it’d grown to have quite a thick trunk now, which could easily be holding a colony of termites. My relatives upstairs were already on tenterhooks wondering whether the infestation was going to spread up as well. So they agreed. We all knew it was the right thing to do so that we were all clear. What we didn’t know or want to dwell on was that this might kill my mango tree.
Today, my mango tree was cut down. It was stunted from having had its top branches chopped off every winter for better sunlight, and it didn’t produce any mangoes anymore. So they hacked at it and cut it down. I sat through it all, trying to continue being practical and to keep up my reasoning. The tree really was useless, wasn’t it? There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be cleared away, is there? I guess not. I know it sounds dumb, but I felt like a part of my childhood was cut away from me today


3 thoughts on “Raw Mangoes No More

  1. try to plant a mango tree in a place where it cannot be cut down, if u like.

  2. Aww…that was so sweet. I am sure you are right in grieving – so many of your childhood memories had that tree in them right?

  3. @Varun : It won't be the same, you know?

    @Saumya : You're right. I had a lot of small moments with that tree…oh well. Life goes on :)

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