Jiyo, Utho, Bado, Jeeto :)

Yes, C.W.G. fever has caught hold of me. And seriously, who can be thick-skinned enough to ignore it while it stares at you from every direction possible. So we might as well show some enthusiasm, right? Especially since I’ve got holidays, I might as well put them to use…jumping up and down and showing love for my city and being hyperactive till I get to see some event.

I have (high) hopes of watching at least one event of each sports category. Lets see. My dad isn’t all that keen on it, and I completely understand. I mean, only about…every road is going to shut off from general public.

And I want a vuvuzela :D

Check out the Official theme song here


2 thoughts on “Jiyo, Utho, Bado, Jeeto :)

  1. I will :D
    I hope you do too…

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