The Common Topic of The Common Wealth Games from a Commoner’s Perspective

What exactly do you do when you see your country embarrassing itself in front of the world? At other times, the knowledge of whatever goof-ups the government made, were limited to us. But with the C.W.G., the whole of the world now knows all about how we’ve put up an event, which is supposedly ‘better organized than even the Beijing Olympics’ (this line is credited to the highly optimistic Mr. Kalmadi). But it really isn’t fair that one single person takes away the accolades for the whole mess created. Surely some others, (who feel that Indians live in homes stained with paan juice, beds covered in doggy footprints and shoe prints or those who think that a fully built bridge collapsing is a ‘minor issue’) will want to be included in the credits. But you know what? In the end, it’s the people, the masses who are going to make mountains out of molehills…well, alright, these aren’t molehills. But we really should stop criticizing everything and try to show some enthusiasm for something which is so big for Delhi.

While coming back in auto-rickshaws from college, you can sometimes get to know what the auto drivers think of their city. And the C.W.G. is the hot topic nowadays (maybe owing to the quite inconvenient ‘games lane’). Few days back, two auto drivers who’d stopped next to each other at a traffic signal, discussed how the whole games were a farce. Would the government be able to stop beggars from reaching the stadia? Intriguing question, right? But I’ve also seen that a lot of people are following traffic rules a little more than before and trying to showcase the sane and civilised side of Delhi (exactly how much this is because of their pride for the city and how much because of the armed personnel coordinating the traffic, is something I’d rather not go into).

So anyway, I’m hoping that the games go through smoothly and that the hiccups are only occurring before the games, and will not make everyone tear their hair out from 3rd to 14th October. So…yeah. I have my fingers crossed and all my latest wishes run along the lines of ‘please let the C.W.G. be better off than what the signs are’. I’m supporting Delhi…hope you will too :)

And were the lawyers supposed to jump up and down and onto each other and show victory signs and read out different parts of the Ayodhya verdict at the same time so that no one could hear and call up their relatives at the same time to tell them to see them on TV? Coz’ that’s what happened *cringe*


3 thoughts on “The Common Topic of The Common Wealth Games from a Commoner’s Perspective

  1. Did CWG renovation work in the city even get completed on time?

  2. Most times, enthusiasm can be raked in by at least having the right intentions and that seems to be Mr.Kalmadi's ploy.

    I hope it goes through well

  3. @ Ankur : No.
    But then that was expected. In a lot of places they're just hiding away the debris and covering up the patches they couldn't complete.
    Absolute nightmare X(

    @ Saumya : I'm seriously hoping for the best. I really want this event to be something India and Delhi can be proud of in the future… :)

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