Squirrels Like Window-sills

I didn’t know squirrels liked making visits to window-sills.

Well, now I do…

This cute little thing had been coming and sitting on the window-sill of my room…and making quite some noise. First, I thought it’d gotten stuck and so I fretted over it and wondered how I was to pick up enough courage to be it’s Knight in Shining Armour and somehow release it. After shedding a few tears, I realised there wasn’t any more noise…it had gone! I can’t truthfully say that I was elated that it was gone…because I didn’t know whether it would come back. Come on…admit it. It’s fun to have a squirrel pottering around where you can so easily observe it.

But then, it staged a comeback! I joyfully concluded that this little guy would now keep coming and going.

I didn’t foresee its unceremonious shooing away when my mom found out that the noise it had been making was actually because of it’s ministrations to the window…it was gnawing the wood away O_o

So, dear squirrel. It’s really nice of you to come visit me. But kindly don’t eat away my windows.


2 thoughts on “Squirrels Like Window-sills

  1. you know what else like windowsills? Possums…I am less ok with them coming to visit though.

  2. Okay…I haven't had to experience that yet…fortunately :D

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