Nothing Much to Say

And so I post again…after quite a while.

Basically, I didn’t have much to talk of since my college started (if you don’t count weird changes in people after 3 months of holidays or having to cope with a close friend’s boyfriend troubles and another close friend’s infatuation with some guy I know only by name or having to cope with problems between two close friends or some other usual stuff). The kind of weather nowadays makes me feel irritated and I growl ever so much more *sigh*. I do pity the people around me. Oh well…

Are people supposed to act weird and incomprehensible when they supposedly fall in love? :S
I don’t like it then >:(

I recently also realised that I’ve at last started to exhibit a trait which is invariably linked to my gender…I’ve started liking shopping! After 19 years of grumbling about it. Though I still do grumble if it’s for too long. But still…my friends are relieved and ecstatic for me



4 thoughts on “Nothing Much to Say

  1. ooh, our posts have similar beginnings :) And yes, I know the whole weird and incomprehensible are-you-the-same-person behavior associated with “love” only too well. *sigh* Annoying, it is.
    And I still can't bring myself to like shopping =/ But I'm happy for you! :)

  2. You've experienced the 'love-lorn' friend too then? Then my friends haven't totally gone around the bend then? Thank God…

    Thank you. :)
    But I'm beginning to think that it was kind of temporary. I grew cranky again when I went shopping… *sheepish smile*

  3. Problems between close friends are SO annoying >_<

  4. Precisely. And depressing too :(

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