Walking in The Rain

I just had to post this now…while I was in the ‘rain-is-so-nice’ mood. The poem however, is not too happy. I wrote it partly with the memory of my late maternal grandmom in mind. She’ll always be missed


Walking in The Rain

I walk in the rain,
it drenches me.
I wrap my arms
around myself,
and try to hold myself together.
Try to stop myself
from falling apart.
Try hard not to
miss you too much.
I look heavenwards, where you are.
The tears stream down,
but I’m already soaked,
and no one gets to know;
I don’t want them to.
The rain mingles with my tears and hides them.
I don’t want empty words,
I don’t need comforting.
Anyway, no one can understand,
My grief is too deep inside.
It drenches me more than the rain does.
They call me inside,
say its too chilly.
I do feel cold,
but a little differently,
when I realise I can never see you again.
I walk in the rain,
and it drenches me.
Anyone who looks,
sees just that.
I walk in the rain and let it veil the pain.
Wrote this one on 21st Feb this year

4 thoughts on “Walking in The Rain

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  2. I noticed you in Steph’s blog.

    I would like to invite you to join other authors in my new poetry blog, if you would like to have look here, Harry.


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