And so there I was, sitting in the living room, watching a movie yesterday night (with my cell conveniently forgotten in my bedroom). Once I finished watching ‘Witness’ (nice movie by the way) and got to my room, I had 3 missed calls and 5 messages. I wasn’t hugely surprised though…my cellphone etiquette is quite bad. But imagine my surprise when I checked my messages to see that my results were out. People were congratulating me ‘on a good result’ when I didn’t even know my result! I freaked out. My mom must have freaked out too when I told her. You don’t except something like this at 12:30 at night. Is this like D.U.’s way of making a statement? I mean, yikes! You get what you are least expecting and that too at 12:36 pm. At this point, I had a fleeting thought of how I preferred the CBSE way of doing it. You know, keeping us on tenterhooks for hours before they at last posted the results online. Or for that matter, even the school way of doing it…where the teachers would come in with tortured looks on their faces and then tonelessly start handing out the answer sheets
So anyway, with my hands shaking, I managed to turn on the net while my mom mumbled something about going to the washroom first…she just needed some time to prepare herself I think. So I opened the site and there it was…my result. After waiting two and a half months for it, I got to see it by fluke! (No, really. If I hadn’t checked my messages that time itself, I wouldn’t have known. And I don’t always check my messages so punctually) So ya. Disaster averted. I mean, if I’d have got to know that the results were out by seeing Facebook statuses today morning, I would have flipped out much more…

Life can throw weird things at you. You’ve just got to catch it quick… :D



4 thoughts on “Revelations

  1. Congratulations :)

  2. So how was the result? :)

  3. Not bad…I came 2nd in my college ^_^

  4. “NOT BAD”?!?!?!??!?

    That's amazing! Congrats! =D

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