I Forgot to Tell You…

1. Of the time when I was coming back from Nawalgarh and stopped at 32nd Milestone to eat something. As soon as my mom, dad and I entered their Cafe, we saw a guy sitting on a table right in front of the door with his parents. All three looked at us entering and continued staring till we’d settled down at a table. At this moment of time they started laughing. I tried not to look too confused so I kept up my charade of nonchalance. After a while, we saw that a girl entered with her family and went on to sit with the aforementioned family. It is at this point of time that I realised that the two families were looking for an marriage alliance and were meeting for the same reason. Also, the guy and his parents stared at us and then guffawed because for a moment they might have thought my parents and I were the ‘ladki-wale’. XD
2. Of the time when I was coming back from college one day and it was raining. My umbrella is one of those cute little things which fold up to become as small as a hand-held mic. Unfortunately, on this day, it refused to close. Even as I got onto an auto, I had to hold onto my resplendently and defiantly open umbrella. Apprehensive of breaking the delicate structure of the umbrella, I didn’t dare push it too hard (the fact that I felt like hitting it on the road in an attempt to close it, does not count). The naughty thing closed exactly at the moment I reached home. At which point of time I had to sheepishly open it again as the auto driver looked on in amusement. Oh well…
3. Of the time when my friends and I had gone for a ‘Girl’s Day Out‘ and one of my friends made an acutely intellectual observation. She had ordered a dessert which came in a tall glass (I do not remember what it was. A lot of fruits, much to her chagrin, and some ice-cream I think). After she had finished having it, she stated that “the glass was not glass”. It took me and my other friend some time to understand that the tall glass she got the dessert in, was made of plastic and not glass (which was weird enough though for Pizza Hut). And so we realised (once again) the cryptic nature in which my dear friend loved talking. “The glass was not glass”…honestly! :D
4. Of the time when I was waiting in line to get a coke while I went to see a movie. I have never been more freaked out in my life. Behind me were a couple (who were not out of their teens btw), who were exchanging sweet nothings with each other. Unfortunately, they didn’t mind about keeping their volumes low.And so I was treated to a hideously mushy conversation while the people in front of me took their own sweet time taking their stuff. As I squirmed in discomfort, I had to hear the girl telling her boyfriend that she “wouldn’t mind getting a love-bite.” and the guy saying that he “loved her because she was such a naughty girl”. I mean….give me a break! Who goes out in public and talks like this? Especially when they can’t reduce their volume…eugh! XP

Hmm…well that’s all I can remember having not told you guys yet… Interesting stuff though… :D



2 thoughts on “I Forgot to Tell You…

  1. You're getting married?! :O

    Hahaha at the second the the last. I can so imagine your scandalized expressions when you overheard the couple :P

  2. Ha ha…very funny Sahil!

    Ya…can't you? Who talks of 'love-bites'?!! Eurgh!!! XP

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