‘Reality’ of Reality Shows

Some TV shows(especially from the ‘Reality Shows’ genre) are soooo good that they make me want to jump out of the window. I mean…how can people even care about whether some girl was bitchy about some other girl and then could steal the latter’s boyfriend from her? Or if some small-time celeb can go live in a village and make chappatis? Arrgh!
The other day I was watching a kid’s reality show and the anchor decided to enlighten us with some interesting facts. One of them was that ‘Copywriteable’ is the only English word in which no letter is repeated. O_o
Apart from the fact that in this ‘word’, ‘e’ appears twice, the spelling of the word is actually ‘Copyrightable’. But the anchor vehemently assured all the kids there and everyone watching that the word ‘Copywriteable’ did not repeat any letters and that we should jump with joy on hearing that. *eye roll*
In the beginning, reality shows were hailed as some kind of great idea, which allowed real people to participate in TV shows. But if that means I’m expected to shriek expletives at another contestant and bitch about the others…then…I’d rather just stay in oblivion



2 thoughts on “‘Reality’ of Reality Shows

  1. these shows sucks….big time

  2. Yup…I only like the music ones.

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