The Innocent Hair-cut

I went for a hair cut today…& realised that you can get spooked even at a place as innocent as a salon. The guy cutting my tresses decided to use a hair iron to ”give a good finish” to the cut. *rolls eyes* I mean what happened to the good ol’ blow dry and bye-bye? I protested at this unnecessary wastage of time as I would anyway come back home & wash my hair. But as I mumbled on, the iron was put on heating. And so I spent a nerve-wrecking 10 minutes watching the guy pull my hair through the (really) hot iron, all the while praying that he didn’t burn me & that my hair would still be alive after this. I mean, come on! How can you stay calm when you can see your hair smoking when it goes through this process? I kept remembering how Jo had burnt her sister’s hair in some way…in the process of curling it or something in the book ‘Little Women’. Not the best thing to be thinking of when your hair is undergoing something similar. O_o

My hair survived.
But I didn’t know whether I was still me! XD
I looked so drastically different. Like one of those daily-soap actresses, as my mom was quick to note. My dear mom stared at me for a good 2 minutes before asking what I had done to myself. She spent another 5 minutes with an expression which suggested I’d got a plastic surgery or something. Only when I washed my hair & came out with my it looking as unmanageable & mad as before, did Maa seem happy again… :)
I’d rather stick to the blow dryer…not as smooth as an iron perhaps…but much more me

4 thoughts on “The Innocent Hair-cut

  1. Hahaha, smoking hair? Wow :P

  2. Believe me…there is nothing funny about it. I was scared to death… >_<

  3. You should've taken a video :D

  4. While my hands were shaking with apprehension? Ya right… O_o

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