Why You Should NEVER See A Prequel If You Don’t Have The Sequel At Hand

I’ve been looking for the ‘Star Wars’ movie DVDs for quite some time now. So imagine my glee when I discovered that they had (at long last) been launched in India. Then…imagine my horror when I realised that each DVD costs…well, not too much, but keeping in mind that there are 6 parts to it…it was enough to discourage me from buying them. My mom told me I could buy atleast the first few, so after being extremely confused for some time(including a period of time when I decided to not make the purchase at all to save myself from the pains of indecision) I decided to take the 3-part Prequel Trilogy pack. Now, yesterday I finished watching these three movies…and I don’t know what happens in the other parts!! The next parts are actually the ones which were made long back(when I was not even born) so they aren’t even easily available on the net! I am in agony. I need to know what happens! And I just hatethose films which stop at an especially tantalising part… The irony is, I really like ‘Star Wars’ O_o


6 thoughts on “Why You Should NEVER See A Prequel If You Don’t Have The Sequel At Hand

  1. coughthepiratebaycough :P

  2. :P :P
    Pirate bay cough?? I'm reminded of Captain Grievous…

  3. You know what I meant! :P

  4. Do I? Uhh…no. Not really

  5. I meant … download it!

  6. Oh…arre I tried! Its a major pain trying to find the proper link. As I said, these are old movies…1977 and all. So its even more frustrating trying to download these :(

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