(Well, here goes…my poems! ^_^)
When life seems cruel,
too hard to bear,
all the tedious responsibilities,
leaving no time to spare,
I stop in my tracks,
and ask myself,
“Of what use is life?
Can anything help?”
I find a darkness
that clouds my sight.
No hopeful thought,
to make the horizon bright
Ah! No, I see a light,
that pierces the gloom
and clears my sight.
It brightens everything
and promises a better fate
as I smile broadly,
and realise my mistake
For every cloud has a silver lining,
every shadow speaks of a light,
every rainy day precedes a greener tomorrow
and the sun will rise after every night.
There is a lot to admire,
a lot to love.
Many people to thank,
many people to hug
So I do just that,
and advise you to do so too
whenever life seems
a bit unhappy to you.
(I wrote this one sometime in 2007)

6 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Ooh, nice poem! :)

    And I see you're making use of the “new” Template Designer =D

  2. Yes I am! I love dandelions…don't you? :)

    And thanks… :D

  3. Amazing, I didn't know those were dandelions :P

  4. Oh come on! You must've heard of dandelion clocks and all that? Enid Blyton loved them… :D

  5. Dandelion clocks? O.o

  6. You really don't know anything about dandelions, do you? I don't really remember the exact collection of stories in which Blyton talked of this… Basically while you're blowing off the dandelion heads, you count along. Once the stem is bare, the number that you've reached is supposed to coincide with the actual time *eye roll*

    Its fun though :D

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