Fighting With The Inner Demons…Well, kind of

Yes…the blogging bug has got me again! But yes, that’s only because I’ve got the time for it.

Recently I’ve also been thinking of posting my poems in my posts. This is because I’ve (at last) got over the fear of plagiarism…that is my poems will get plagiarised. Scary thought…but then I’m sure not many people read this blog, so why not take a chance? And anyway, I don’t think my poems are great enough to be copied… :P

3 thoughts on “Fighting With The Inner Demons…Well, kind of

  1. its not like that….people read your blog. you can also integrate cluster maps or any other application to see the traffic on your website. keep writing.

    I suggest you to create another blog from this account only, to write your poems.

  2. Oh yes, post your poems here! :)

    If you're greatly worried about plagiarism, try Creative Commons. Or you could just take solace in the “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” thing =P

  3. @Varun : I was thinking of doing that…

    @Sahil : I'll try it out…Creative Commons that is. And frankly speaking, I hate flattery. Especially of the imitation kind >_<

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