My Casio Keyboard passed away today. Well, technically speaking, I discovered the fact that it wasn’t going to perform ever again today. I really don’t know when it breathed its last. It was an extremely melodious friend, who has been with me since 25th December 2001. All of our musical innovations & representations float around, reminding me of the good days gone by…

*Whimsical look*

It is true that now the prospect of getting myself a guitar is more brighter, but I still need time to mourn for my first musical instrument(barring my baby xylophone, baby guitar & baby keyboard). Okay, let me rephrase…I still need time to mourn my first real musical instrument.
On an even more nostalgic note…how can I ever forget the tunes my Dida(maternal granny) played on this very same board? Its not like I want to forget…

7 thoughts on “Obituary

  1. hey don't feel bad for that.. u seem to be in love with your keyboard.. :)

  2. Oh, that's sad. Especially the last part :(

    My Casio still works. I think :P It's a couple of years older than yours though.

    Ooooh, guitar =D \m/

  3. @Ram : Well, yes I'm really going to miss being able to while my time away with it… :(
    @Sahil : That is the saddest part…can't get over it. But yeah…a guitar!!! :)

  4. I went to this guitar store in Ambience mall yesterday (I have an acoustic, I was looking at electrics) – it was fun!

  5. Ooh! Guitar store in Ambience? Really?? Nice! Tell me a few good places to but a guitar from(in South Delhi preferably…I'm very transportation challenged)

  6. Hmmm. I got my acoustic from Daryaganj, but that's kinda far. How about Lajpat Nagar? There's a Bharat Musical Store and a couple others there.

  7. Oh…cool then. I'll try that out. Thanks :)

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