No! Like, really?!

A few of my friends have had been advising me to watch a TV series called ‘Gossip Girl‘. The description panel on my TV describes it as ‘a series about the lives of socialite teenagers in New York City’s Upper East Side who attend elite academic institutions while dealing with friends, family, jealousy and other issues’. I mean, what the…? “Socialite teenagers”! And so I reacted with “No! Like, really?!”. It is extremely interesting to note that these teenagers attend academic institutions only as a side job while dealing with more significant issues like friends, family, jealousy… O_o

And so I continue to not watch GG…even though I supposedly should “because it has so many cool songs as a part of its sound-track”. But really…come back to reality. I will never be able to watch a show based on a bunch of ‘socialite teenagers’. I’d rather go fall in love with Rakhi Sawant before that…


5 thoughts on “No! Like, really?!

  1. Nooooo Gossip Girl seriously?! Then again, I am a guy :P

    If you want good TV shows, watch Chuck! (action/comedy), The Big Bang Theory (sitcom), Castle! (detective/comedy), Two and a Half Men! =P

  2. Yes, you are a guy. But believe me, its not only you who's going to be running in the opposite direction if you have to talk about it. O_o

  3. i dnt know abt gossip girl…but i love 90210 o-O

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