I Hate House flies

I just cannot stand those huge house flies which decide to waltz around your head when you want to read a book(or write a post, for that matter. One is waltzing in front of my face right now *sighs wearily*). And they seem to be so very idiotic! They just don’t get the hint that you are trying to escort them out of the room…they just love playing ‘Tag’. But I don’t…oh well…… *sigh*
On a happier note, Holi is here!! I love the whole colourfulness(yes, I know its not an actual word) of the day! And its a holiday too. But still, I don’t really have too much reason to rejoice…firstly because none of my cousins of my age group stay in Delhi, secondly there is no one of my age group here in my colony & thirdly, I’m not too much of a lets-go-mad-on-holi type of person. So its alright. :D
But anyway, Happy Holi Everyone!!! ^_^



2 thoughts on “I Hate House flies

  1. I kind of dislike mosquitoes more :P Especially at night, when they suddenly come buzzing near your ear and you can't see them :P

    Happy Holi! =)

  2. Hmm…now that you mention them…yes, I hate them too!! :D
    Happy Holi again! Did you play holi?

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