Remembering Random Things

At last!! I get a day to write out all the thoughts I’ve kept stored in my memory since….well…..a long time actually. Oh how exciting! (Yes, I’m getting very hyper. But then, my exams just ended!! I have reason to be!)
I went to Red Fort on Christmas day this time. It was an amazing trip! I’ve been really eager to go there since a very long time & this time (thanks to my younger cousin bro, who is a real history fan) I got to spend a day there. I find historical monuments very awe inspiring myself. I mean you could very well imagine yourself to be back in time & as a princess yourself, couldn’t you? Ya there is the problem of those extremely civil elements who keep ogling at you for no reason at all & you are so scared of pick pockets that you end up thinking that it would be better if your camera stays in your bag rather than get used. Yes, I agree all this happens. But still! That’s what IMAGINATION is for! So anyway, I had an amazing time. Standing in the Diwan-e-Aam, it felt like I’d walked onto one of those ‘Jodha Akbar’ movie sets. Must say, their set designer was really good. But the ASI or god knows who, had decided to make the main place a complete eyesore (at least for now) by starting on some restoration work on the throne. So it was all covered in a net kind of thing & it really broke my heart to not be able to see the whole thing in its proper magnificent glory :(
The inner complex had the Diwan-e-Khaas, the Rang Mahal, a masjid & a bathroom (which was as big as a one room flat by the way) with a few other scattered buildings.
One VERY odd thing I noticed was that even girls stared at me as if I looked like some alien!! I was dressed very normally, thank you. But then what the….??? :S
I’ve gotten very eager to learn driving now. But that’s like turning out to be a troublesome thing itself. No, not the driving, but the going to a driving school & all. This is because my father very clearly stated that he will not teach me as he’ll always be so high strung that he’ll just end up driving himself. I’m really happy he said it so frankly. I was having misgivings myself. I know just how much tension he can create for himself without any rime or reason, where I’m concerned. But then, even if I learn driving, it’ll be of no use because I really don’t have enough guts to drive my parent’s car. I just don’t! So now unless dad gets me car I can feel free to wreck (yes, not very optimistic, am I?) I really don’t want to just learn & sit at home. I’ve been hinting to him that he should really get the Tata Nano. *innocent face* But seriously, I really like the Nano! It’s so cute & modern! Its cho chweet! ^_^
I had my college fest too recently. My first college fest! It was a lot of fun. My friends & I ate a lot. We had a great time during the DJ night & the rock night & ‘danced the night away’…..well, not the night really. My parents wouldn’t have let me enter my house again if that would have been the case. But anyway, we had a rocking time!! But the dressing people can do even in winters I tell you! Shocking! And very shiver-inducing. I mean I couldn’t believe how they were still standing wearing only a T-shirt or a kurti. I was shivering in a sweater & a jacket!! But then, style ke liye kuch bhi, I guess *rolls eyes*
OK that’s all I really remember now. So happy shivering! (Delhi’s more like a hill station nowadays!)



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