Life As It Is…..

I haven’t really posted anything for a really long time. To bring you all up to date, I had an amazing Durga Puja…..wait, have I already told you that? Well, I had an amazing Diwali too, though it was a No-Crackers Campaign for me. My college started after a 20 days long ‘autumn’ break, & we are all slogging like mad to submit the next batch of assignments or give tests on nasty readings. Nowadays, anyone who says that DU is fun, is very violently rebuked by me. Just because you are in some Medical or Engg. course doesn’t mean you are the only ones sweating it out. *fumes* But I’m slowly getting used to this notion & have stopped throttling the people who decide to act like the supreme martyrs. *rolls eyes*
I went for this wedding recently. As it was quite far from my place, we decided to hire a taxi. The taxi arrived on time & we piled in comfortably. We first realised that a problem was afoot when our driver drove through the colony at exactly 5 km/hr. I’m not exaggerating. As we tried to keep our irritation at bay while worrying how we were supposed to reach on time, we couldn’t stop ourselves from raising questions as to whether the car was not working or our driver was some extremely non-violent person. We later realised that he was deaf. My father had to give him the directions thrice before he shouted out,”Accha! There! Yes, I know it”. We were able to at last relax back in our seats when our saintly driver started accelerating when we reached the main road. We (thankfully) reached the venue at a decent time, & then started the very excited exchange of “Oh hello! How nice to see you!”/”Nice to see you too! You look so nice!”/”So happy you could make it!”. After I could get away from three aunties who kept marveling at how tall I had become, I sat down with another bored girl I knew. After some time, the bride came out, sparkling brightly with all the sequins & jewellery. Now, there was the exchange of the garlands. The bride & the groom actually climbed on top of this structure which looked a lot like a squat little observation post or tower. It was decorated a lot, though we were all guessing its function till then. The bride & groom reached the top & then, suddenly a huge jet like flow of rose petals started coming out from the base of this ‘observation deck’. As we all watched dumbfounded, the bride & groom who were obviously expecting this, put the garlands around each others’ necks and held their hands there. I realised this was so that they could be filmed like that by the video cameras below. If this wasn’t enough, the deck now started revolving!! Everyone started giggling now, including the two people who had been made to stand on that fateful deck. The almost-wedded couple had to stand on the deck for almost 15 minutes as several kilos of rose petals rained down upon them. Now, slowly everyone started losing interest. The air was filled with the smell of roses. Atlast (atlast!) the process ended. And we all proceeded to eat. I had a gala time eating. The food was vegetarian, but I loved it nonetheless. Basically, it was fun. After all, the only reason I go to weddings of people I hardly know, is to eat.
OK. I’m out of topics now. Oh yeah! My college department fest is on 29th Oct. I’m really looking forward to that….




2 thoughts on “Life As It Is…..

  1. cool….only reason i go to weddings is to find new chicks….lolz….anyways you should write more…

  2. Ya, I always sit down on the PC thinking that I'll write a lot, but it turns out shorter than I want! :)

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