A Fresher’s View of A World called JMC…

My first day at JMC was pretty short. Firstly, I arrived late for the orientation & then suddenly realized that I had no clue as to where I was supposed to go. Fortunately for me, I saw another girl looking just as lost, & guessed that we were in the same boat. She, however, was more outgoing & was taking directions. I took the happy decision of just following her. On reaching the Auditorium, I was for a moment just admiring the absolutely amazing building in front of me. Finally, I went in & took a seat at the back, & collected my flurried thoughts to pay attention to the slide show being shown to us by our principal. After that, all of us (looking lost again) went outside………& saw our seniors standing there, waiting for us. We were all herded like cows to separate us into groups based on our courses. As I bashfully waited for our next set of instructions, I looked around for familiar faces. I got such broad smiles from people who were from my school…..but whom I had never talked to. Even complete strangers looked like long-lost friends just because they were from the same school. Yes, I felt lost in the madding crowd. Well, not that big a crowd, but………oh, you know what I mean!

We were then taken into our respective classrooms & introduced to our teachers by our seniors, who also introduced themselves. We got our ID cards & were told about how difficult our course is, if we don’t study regularly, but also how brilliant a course it is if & only if we study everyday (sigh). After this highly depressing announcement, (given to us with relish by our seniors) we were told our dress code for our first day of actual college. We all sat dumbfounded as we were told what we would have to come wearing (No, I shall NOT describe it). Some of us gave nervous giggles. Oh well, we all agreed magnanimously to the demands (read: no other choice), & then we were free to go back home. The fact that on returning home, I found my parents far more jittery than I had been, is another story altogether. *rolls eyes*

When we arrived on our official first day of college, we all looked at each other & felt a little better that we were not the only ones looking like fashion disasters. Then, our classes started. Our teachers entered the class & stopped for a moment & grinned at us (at our amazing attire actually), & then started the class. We went to our different classes on tenterhooks, expecting to be hauled up by some senior & get ragged. But nothing actually happened till our last class. We were being made highly tense by one of our teachers as she explained the structure of our marking in the paper, when one of the senior girls stuck her head in through the door & asked ma’am to let them in now. We gave each other shaky smiles as we waited for our evil (well, that’s what I thought then) seniors. I quickly realized that they weren’t going to torture us, & relaxed completely for the first time that day. My seniors rock! ^_^

Coming to JMC is like a confidence booster, as we know that we are in one of the best colleges in Delhi *smug look*. As I slowly explored the whole college with brand new friends, I found myself falling in love with the place. I learned how a place open at two sides could be called the Basement, how you would never get keema samosa in the canteen if you came any time after the first period (they were just too famous), how a common ‘room’ could be just a place with a roof & no walls on any side & how you could start hating three free periods in a row because you got bored to death. But college life lived up to its aura. I love it! As I slowly got used to the course (liked it too, surprisingly) & made friends, I realized how my life had changed completely. But how I didn’t even have to adjust as much as I thought I would. Coming from a co-educational school, coming to an all-girls college was kind of unnerving for some time. But then as I got used to seeing only girls……& some more girls……I found myself loving the place even more.

One of the most exciting events everyone was waiting for was the Fresher’s Welcome. And it was worth the wait. We were given another dress code. But this time, we liked it. Our department got to dress up as gypsies. It was so amazing. We wore junk jewellery to our heart’s content & wore wacky head scarves. We got a grand welcome for sure! Now when I come every morning & groan & moan about extra classes, tutorials, class tests, irritating class mates & about getting no sleep (yawn), I secretly know, that I’d rather be nowhere else. But it doesn’t do to seem so eager about coming to college. After all, I’m not a nerd…




5 thoughts on “A Fresher’s View of A World called JMC…

  1. You made me think about my college days….JMC – coolest chicks are from this college….good luck to u…

  2. nice.. : ).. my experience was strikingly similar..

  3. @ chitrank : Your experience as in?? Uhh….I'm guessing you weren't a student at JMC XD

  4. lol no : ).. I meant in my college.. i'm in the first yr too..

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