College Life…. ^_^

Yes, I’m at last a college-goer…. Thankfully, I’m not as lost as I thought I’d be & nor am I pining away for my friends as much as I thought I would. So that’s good, right? Oh ya, I’m doing Sociology Honours from Jesus & Mary College, Delhi University. The college is a lot like school though, except for the fact that we have free periods in between classes regularly, during which we get pretty bored. The canteen rocks. Our ‘Keema Samosas’ are supposedly very famous. I haven’t had the chance of trying them yet, though. They’re always over by the time I’m able to reach.
Coming to the very well publicised & critised topic of ragging, I’m happy(or sorry) to say that we were hardly ragged. All we had to do was to stand on chairs & shout, & then we had to introduce ourselves in ‘shuddh hindi’. You know, like using ‘Samaj Shastra’ for Sociology & things like that. So ya, my seniors are quite sweet. :)
The great big changes that I was waiting for, are hardly there. Like:-
– Teachers not turning up(my teachers always turn up & ON TIME. They even want a lot of extra classes)
– Seniors bullying you into buying them lunch(as I said, my seniors are sweet. They don’t torture us)
So yes, I have been having a good time. Making friends was easier than I thought & following a completely new subject is cool enough too. So………..YAY!!! College rocks! :D
The only problem to think of is the fact of commuting to & fro. Why don’t colleges have college buses like schools have school buses? Its a pain waiting for your bus when you’re melting in the heat. But then, the first time you actually come back in a bus alone……..its such a sense of accomplishment! But I’d still go without it if there could be some other option. Oh well…. *sigh*

College is fun…..




One thought on “College Life…. ^_^

  1. congratulations on getting the admission in JMC…great college….love the chicks from there….college is always so much fun….enjoy the life as much as possible otherwise u will regret later….like i do….i miss those great 3 years….why I havnt bunked more classes, why I didnt spent more time in canteen…classes are fun…first year i was serious…but then later even teachers become bunkers….commuting by bus at my time was fun….as we go in groups…find some alternative if u can like car pool…

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