Jimmy Choo Stilettoes Anyone?

I went window shopping (yes, yet again) with one of my friends a few days back. As she stays near the DLF Place Mall Vasant Kunj, we headed there to try & pass the irritatingly slow-moving time.
My dear friend wanted to watch ‘Hangover’, which is supposed to be so very amazing a movie according to so many critics here. (I found it positively disgusting, not to mention the fact that the characters didn’t speak out ONE sentence in which they didn’t use the very famous four-letter word……..Man! How frustrated can you get?!) So we booked tickets & then started roaming around. Let me tell you that this mall was literally empty compared to the bustling, teeming-with-people malls near my house. So we walked around atleast thrice from in front of the same shops………when we entered Mango, we were politely told to get lost as ‘the store was closed to set it up for the sale tomorrow’. I don’t know why they have the store doors wide open then………… :S
Then we strolled around the whole place again & finally went to the food court(DONOT try the chicken Shawarma at ‘Arabian Nites’. Its not worth it. The one at ‘Ala Turka’ is so much better). We ordered our food & tried to get two soft drinks. We were told that we didn’t have enough balance on our card (the perpetual problem). So we took just one………….which was warm & seemed like it had stopped fizzing a week back. Then (thankfully) it was time for the movie. We went in & waited for the movie to start. I’m not even interested in telling you the story, so…………fast forward please.
After the movie, we decided to go to the DLF Emporio Mall right next to the one we were in. The very well talked about ‘designer mall’. We went in & saw ‘SALE’ stickers everywhere. It was a shock to know that a few things there were Rs. 20,000 even after sale…………ahem.
My friend & I went in to a few shops & kind of took a U-turn out of it after seeing just one price tag………..I mean stiletoes for Rs. 40,000 is not my cup of tea. We were explained that they costed so much as they were some blah & blah brand. We were showed these shoes which ‘were from Brazil’ & ‘made of plastic(!)’ which costed 1800 bucks. Yup, very cheap for plastic slippers…..




4 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo Stilettoes Anyone?

  1. The Chicken Shawarma is really nice! Don't you say anything against it!! :P And you could have bought the soft drinks from McDonald's – they don't accept the card, cash only :P

    Haha, I still haven't been to Emporio! ;)

  2. i tell u about the emporio mall….i went there once and found out a good pair of shoes….which had a discount of 50%…and after discount the cost is Rs. 30000. also there was one shirt of Rs. 20000….even the parking in this mall is 300 bucks….dont know y they made such mall…

  3. @ Sahil : Oh puhlease! Don't defend their chicken shawarma! Have you had the shawarma in 'Ala Turka'? Its so much better!!

  4. Well, no … but still. =P
    And I saw the Hangover. Granted there was bad language, but come on, the movie was so funny! *eyeroll*

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