Just A Post

Absence (read : none at all) of any great blogging ideas has lead to me posting nothing in a long time……… Really its irritating to have nothing on your mind other than the HEAT. X(
I’m wondering whether the rain gods will be pleased, if at all, by all the yagnas, boys lying in the mud etc. etc. I personally feel like pulling the rain gods down to earth & making them experience the heat themselves…….
Oh well………
I really can’t believe Michael Jackson is dead! Not that I was his great fan, but it was really sudden………too sudden to not have any effect on anyone, if you know what I mean. We have lost an amazing entertainer……



One thought on “Just A Post

  1. ya i have seen that pic in newspaper…guys in mud praying for rain. but seriously this year summers are at its peak….but msn is showing that it will rain this week. :)

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