Girl’s Day Out

My friends came over to my place few days back. Hyper as we are, we decided to go out for lunch. We made up our minds to go to G.K. 1, M-Block market. My mom called for a taxi to take us there. Her reason………well, it made sense : the heat-stroke-inducing conditions outside. My car had gone for repairs the 4th time in 2 months………….I decided not to try my luck with it, i.e. I didn’t want to wait for it to come back & then take us out. So anyway, we sat in a taxi(which consistently ran at an irritatingly slow speed) & headed out in the heat.
We reached the market & went to Pizza Hut. Its the only restaurant left in that market. First, we were told to wait for 15-20 minutes. We waited. Then, we were given a table between two other tables squished together. Oh well………… We waited for someone to get the menu cards………..we waited in vain. Some time later, a girl came up to us & happily asked us what we would like to order. We just about stopped ourselves from strangling her. Its not a good idea to ask 3 extremely hungry girls ‘what they would like to order’ when they haven’t even looked at the menu card. Anyway, we somehow kept our cool & told her that we hadn’t had the good luck to see the menu yet. She gave a small laugh & said,”Oh! You haven’t got hte menu yet! Hee hee”. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to laugh or scream. She (thankfully) had brains enough to get the elusive menu card now. We quickly chose dishes & called our waitress to place our order. She came. We clearly told her our order. She got extremely confused over our order of two lemon iced teas & one peach iced tea. My friend who wanted the peach iced tea ultimately changed it to a lemon iced tea. Our darling waitress thankfully got that. Now the wait for the food………
Our drinks came quick enough. After some time I asked for our main order. We were obliged & sent the garlic bread & my caesar salad(I so love it). My friends ate through the three pieces of garlic bread & then stared at me eating. The rest of our food was still not visible. I called Her Majesty & asked her for the rest of the food. First she said,” Huh?”. Then I said, ” Could you please make it faster?”.
“Huh? You want your order altogether?”. I couldn’t believe she had atlast understood. I sighed in relief. Believe me when I tell you what she said next…………”OK I’ll get it together. Can I take the salad back then?”. I gaped…………I couldn’t help it! She wanted my half-eaten salad back so that she could get our order ‘altogether’!! I somehow composed myself & told her to let the salad be & get the rest of the food. She said, “Huh? Oh! hee hee…..”
My friends & I laughed so much that we forget our hunger………….
Atlast when we had finished eating, we started shopping. All the girly stuff……….let me not bore you. :D
We came back home & tried out the several nail paints we had bought. We tried out the slippers we bought & then clicked pictures…………….a complete ‘Girls Day Out’




3 thoughts on “Girl’s Day Out

  1. You girls, I tell you. Why couldn't you have asked for menu cards when you realised that they weren't going to magically appear? :P

    And OMG LOL at the “OK I'll get it together. Can I take the salad back then?” thing! Pizza Hut going down or something? Did you complain to their manager?

  2. wherever there are so many girls involve….there is bound to be a utter confusion….lolz…anyways…i think pizza hut service is very pooor….even i have gone through he same stuff…

  3. @ Sahil : Arre, how should we have known that our waitress would be such an Einstein? :P
    Didn't think of complaining though……..we were laughing so much :D

    @ Varun : The confusion was not caused by US! I don't know if Pizza Hut is going down, but they do need people who can atleast comprehend what others are saying :D

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