Sweet Success!

Yesterday, I officially passed out of school. The result was supposed to be out at 10 am but on opening the CBSE site at 9:30 am, the link to ‘Class XII Results’ was already open. Hands shaking uncontrollably, I entered my roll no. & sent up a prayer in that split second it took to show my result. I went through the marks once…twice…thrice… My hands still shaking, my parents silent right next to me, I opened the calculator & calculated the aggregate. My hands stopped shaking now & my parents started talking. The storm had passed! The storm of anxiety, tension, apprehension which had me(& my parents too I guess) in its grip…especially since the night before, was past.
Then started the avalanche of phone calls…”So? How was it?”. It really does warm your heart when people appreciate something you have really worked for.

In the afternoon, I visited my cousins who were here from Kolkata. Being the eldest is definitely tough*sigh*. Somehow the amount of shouting (even I must have been just as hyper at some time), irritates me to no end now. Oh well, handling two kids & an 11 year old was something with them running around the room, escaping from each other. One decided to spend his energies under the bed & pull the feet of whosoever dared to step down from the bed.

In the evening I went to the temple, to thank the power high above for listening to my prayers. Then quite a few of people from my Chemistry tuition class decided to go visit our ma’am. So we all converged on her house just before a class.

After spending a few light moments with her, we went on to our physics tuition sir, who had called us all to celebrate. We reached there a bit late. Five of us reached & there was only one two seater sofa left. So we all camped ourselves on the floor. We were given mithai & our achievements were announced.(!!!) Then we were all invited to dinner so as to celebrate properly. So from there, I went to my cousin’s place…to find a cake awaiting me! ^_^

So I cut it, had cream smeared on my face & my mouth stuffed with cake. Thankfully only my brother & three sisters fed me cake. If everyone in the room(my three mamas, two mamis, nani, nanaji, mom & dad) would have fed me cake. Well, I hardly need to explain the rest.

It feels great to be loved.


One thought on “Sweet Success!

  1. congratzzzzzzzzzzz…….wish i cud apply some cake on ur face…lolz…anyways…so wat next now…wish u all the best…

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