An Evening Well Spent………

Yesterday being my parent’s wedding anniversary, we, that is mom, dad & I, decided to eat out. We first thought of going to some place in Daryaganj. But we got late & the prospect of going so far at 8:30 pm didn’t make us jump with joy. So we thought of going to the Select Citywalk mall in Saket & find some good restaurant. As yesterday was Sunday, we found ourselves in an amazingly crowded place. While entering we passed a few places. We walked straight past Chi, an Asian joint, when I remembered that I had made the mistake of having iced tea there with my friends for around 350 bucks for 3 iced teas. We headed straight up to the top floor which held the food court & a few restaurants. At the food court, people were standing & staring at a TV screen tuned in to the IPL match. Delhi Daredevils were 57-2. Oh well, we walked on & the first place we saw was The Spaghetti Kitchen with a group of people waiting in front of it. We walked on. Next came Sattvik, the ‘shudh shakahari’ place. We wanted to go through the menu, but decided against it when an uncle reading through it like he was trying to memorise it, did not oblige us by giving it to us. So on we walked. We had to go a short way & then we saw a new chinese joint, Joy Luck Moon. Good, but we were not in the mood for chinese. So we meandered on & came to Geoffrey’s. Now completely tired of our restaurant survey, we entered Geoffrey’s & were shown to a table. Here too, the table behind us seated around 6 people facing a LCD screen with IPL on. We had to put up with their exuberant cheering & booing till they thankfully left. We ordered drinks, starters & main course together. Our drinks arrived. The waiter informed us that the Chicken Shawarama that I had ordered and the veg. Mezze Platter was unavailable as they were out of pita bread. Well, I guess it’s natural to be out of some things some times. But the lebanese place downstairs , Ala Turka, came to my mind. They had pita bread, didn’t they?……………..Errant thoughts! Anyways, we changed our order & waited…………..& waited …………& waited. During our wait, the restaurant people must have gone deaf bacause they turned on the music to an ear splitting volume. ‘Background music’ loses its meaning if our conversations have to be shouted out, you know. So we requested that the volume be turned down. It was carried out. Then suddenly the lights dimmed as well. Afetr a moment a guy behind the bar, started juggling bottles flaming at the top. Most people watched. Some ignored & carried on their research of the menu. Once the act finished, after 5-10 minutes, our food was served(oh joy!). The food was good…………& we attacked it with a vengeance. An evening well spent……….right?




One thought on “An Evening Well Spent………

  1. hehehe…cool…last week i was there in the afternoon and Geoffrey’s was full so we went to The Spaghetti Kitchen and it was nice…

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