So-not-saved By The Bell…….

It’s really an interesting activity of answering the door bell at my house. My dad’s elder brother(my tauji) & his family live on the first floor while we are on the ground floor of the same house. The door bells for both floors are at the same place……..with nothing to distinguish our bell from theirs. So the confusion that ensues (when some equally confused person doesn’t know which floor exactly he has to deliver to) is melodious. My grandmother/aunt/mom rush to the staircase to figure out whose order it is. Throughout their conversation a distraught delivery guy sweats it out at the gate. And a few of the people who ring the bell are real Einsteins………
— Few of them owing to what I consider pure pig headedness( considering they have to ring the bell every day or the like) will always ring the wrong bell. People seem to really like our bell for some reason & ring it a lot. It’s really maddening to hear your bell ring & to open the door to see the gentleman staring up at the first floor & then see me & say,”Oh did I ring your bell?”………….No, I just came out to see your lovely face. Sheesh!
— Many a time when our bell should have been rung, the first floor bell rings………..& my grandmother comes out & the usual confusion……………..
— Some people are absolute philosophers & for some reason donot ring the correct bell even after being told to do so. They just stand & stare at whichever floor they need to go to with some aversion I guess to ringing the bell again. Oh well, “What is this life if, full of care we don’t have time to stand and stare?”

So as I said, you can never get bored answering the door bell at my place. Getting irritated or becoming a part of the confusion is easier………….. :D



4 thoughts on “So-not-saved By The Bell…….

  1. write first floor and ground floor near the door bells…

  2. Have done that atleast a thousand times………it gets erased fast. So I just gave up after some time :)

  3. Damn I was going to suggest that … :P

  4. You won’t be the first or the last. :D

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