Elections ^_^

The elections results come out today. The UPA seems all set to come back to power. Well, these results definitely make me forget the next set of results a bit more important for me………….my board results. I turned 18 this very year on 5th April. So I should have voted, had the voting registration not closed down in January. But really, this year the media has come forward with amazing ideas to make people go and vote & not just sit at home & treat election day as an actual holiday. Like the ‘Pappu Doesn’t Vote’ campaign, the ‘Jaago Re’ ads from TATA & the huge ads in TOI showing people saying stuff like “I have to go to a birthday party/kitty party/movie but after I’ve gone & voted”. Its actually become shameful to not have a mark to show on your finger. A few market places also gave discounts if you could show ‘The Mark’. Many celebs got their middle finger marked & proudly showed it off. Some others showed their whole hands instead.
There must be many people who voted for the first time in these elections. Well, I’ll have to wait for another five years I guess before I can lodge my decision as well towards Government-Formation.
Hope the UPA handles the country well!

P.S. Whom did you vote for? Or were you a Pappu??!? :D


3 thoughts on “Elections ^_^

  1. Even I couldn’t vote because my name wasn’t on the list! And I turned 18 in December! :P

    Anyway, UPA it is so yay! :D

    P.S. Blogger hates me :/

  2. I did not voted this year hence im Pappu…in my office we have put a list of all the pappus…and my name was also there….
    The reason i didnt vote is the candidates who were standing from my constituency have criminal cases against them….i researched about them on internet and found out that both of them are notorious criminals…and I didnt use the option of 14(d)…cuz it is time consuming…anyways i hope the coming government will take India forward in every field…

  3. @ Sahil : Why on earth does blogger hate you?? But then blogger is really irritating me too….

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