The Unknown…called Colleges

The most important topic of discussion, day & night in my house right now is COLLEGE ADMISSIONS. I’m guessing I don’t need to say that I’m getting very anxious every time the topic comes up….
The DU site is quite nice, barring a few things, namely:-
1. When you click on a college, it shows you the courses offered by that college. On clicking on some specific course, it takes you again to a list of colleges offering that course. On selecting your preferred college, you come right back to where you started from………(read : frustration)
2. In the tab marked ‘Admission Eligibility’, most of the colleges show nothing. A few colleges supposedly want nothing more than ’12th pass with Arts, Sc. & Comm. stream’…….If only…….*sigh*

Oh well, I have to face it……..this is going to be one of the most important changes in my life. From school to college………….that sounds exciting…..& scary.
But before college admissions, will come CBSE results………scary enough I think……..



One thought on “The Unknown…called Colleges

  1. I think the best way to get into colleges is to fill the form manually by going to that college. I still remember, when I had to come from a middle of the summer camp to submit the applications for various colleges. It was very tough but in the end, I managed to get into a good college.

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