I am so fed up of the Hemidactylus species!! For all those unfortunate souls who did not study biology in 11th and 12th, that’s the disgusting species of the wall lizard. According to Wikipedia,”They are typically known as house geckos, due to their readyness to adapt to and coexist with humans”. What the hell???!!? Why can’t they find some other species to coexist with??
Periods of irritation are natural in everybody’s life……..but when I am actually passing through such a time, woe betide if someone tries to be a smart aleck…….
Getting away from all this, I baked cookies yesterday! Are they not the work of a genius? Of course they are……..complete with a chocolate cookie man…….. ^_^ DO NOT roll your eyes at this. I mean, cookie-baking is a great fun activity.
Yes, this post seems very disjointed. What else can I talk about when I’m getting so BORED??!!? I’ll put in whatever I’m going through:-
1. I cannot find the X-Men movies anywhere & am frustrated to-the-degree-infinity about it.
2. Our driver bhaiya has gone to his village & so I am stuck in my house.
3. Its too hot to go out anywhere anyways.
4. My computer is so *&^%#$!@#$. Its as slow as a snail. I hope you realise the implications.

Oh ya! I saw the movie Pink Panther II. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has NOT got a bit role. She’s the main villain!(No, you don’t need to thank me for ruining the suspense…. :D)




2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. thats a very disjoined post…
    anyways u can find X-men movies on torrent….i hope u know about torrents…

  2. I’ve just heard about utorrent actually. I’ll try it out…. :)

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