What Should I Do?

I went out to buy some stuff today, & while waiting at the red light, saw this young girl wearing tattered clothes with one arm bent at an odd angle. The arm was shrunken and diseased…….now, you would ask,”What’s so great in that? You can see that any day you want….”. But the sad thing is that it doesn’t affect us in any way. We stop at so many traffic signals in a day or a week & see so many people, especially kids, begging for money or food. And we are not in the least perturbed! Is it because we don’t care or is it because we are so used to it? I still remember the sight of a young little boy standing at the roadside one night around 3-4 years ago. It was peak winter & it was freezing outside. This boy was wearing nothing except for a rag around his waist. Sitting inside a car with the heater on & wearing 3 layers of clothes, I was toasty warm, but I can never ever forget the way that child had his arms wrapped around himself, as if to hold himself together. His teeth were chattering as he , still, got up from the pavement to beg for his very existence……..
After watching ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, I’ve been getting affected by all this more than before. Its making me crazy!! I can’t sit in a car at a traffic signal, see a beggar & not scrunch my eyes shut or start crying………
Its a really tough decision to make whether you should give money to these people or not. Either way they are the ones getting affected……….how sad is that?


4 thoughts on “What Should I Do?

  1. well its very sad to see these people so helpless…

    but i really want to share one incident and after that I was so angry with these people…i was going in an auto with one of my friend who returned from US. And at one red light this woman came and asked for money…and when we refused, she snatched the purse from my friend and ran. Though I ran after her and caught her. But it was such an embarrassing moment for me in front of my friend. That woman cried and I gave her some money and told her not to do this again. But really I felt shame of such incident. One thing that I noticed that giving these people money only encouraged them to beg more.

  2. Yes I do know that most of these people don’t want to better their lives by studying or anything constructive….but its so sad. And very embarrassing as you said

  3. The world is torn, and all we can do is wondering how it got there.. it is sad. Things have gone so wrong that it is impossible to repair it. I think we do care, but as you mentioned, are so used to it that we’re shutting down our sympathy for other people. If we swallowed every single impression we would probably get mentally ill. Which, also, is sad.

  4. Exactly….I keep wondering what we could do to help(even a tiny bit)

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