Books : My Best Friends!!

Well, my love for books must be pretty evident from my huge list of favourite books(its not even complete yet). I came across this beautiful poem & completely loved it……

The Love Of Books

by James R. Clemens
Happy he,
Who in his home at night,
Finds in his books delight,
and sweet society;
Whilst he who sees no profit in their use,
Will live a fool and die as big as a goose.

At my call, Great Shakespeare and his fellows,
Stand ready, like my bellows,
For services menial;
Thus kingly do i sire and at mine ease,
while they summoned do their best to please.

Who pines more,
For earthly rank and pelf
Than the good books on his shelf,
Is like the sycamore;
A tree so plagued by density of shade,
The well-intended light shrinks back dismayed.

With a book,
A man is richer far,
Then kings and princes are;
Though he no cities took;
For in good books a vein of thought is found,
Which mined, exhaustless gold yields from the ground

Isn’t it beautiful?



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