Its turning out to be really difficult to look forward to college without remembering all the mad things we have done in school. I’m especially missing the school library, however irritating it might have been over the years. When you are left with no new books to read(especially if you’re a book-worm) you tend to start tearing your hair out in frustration when you can’t find a book to read when you’re fed up of everything else. Only now do I realize that The School Library was such an amazing getaway for me. Even though I had to keep searching for ‘Angels & Demons’ for 3 years(yes, I got pretty furious at times…), or make the teachers believe that I had not lost ‘Anne of The Island’ & that it had gotten misplaced in the library itself(my dear teachers did find the book eventually, after making me pay for a new book. They were kind enough to present me with the old, tattered copy once they had found it. Needless to say, I declined the offer).
Other than the library, I’m missing the mad classroom jokes, the shouting in between classes, going for music rehearsals for the endless number of programs, wearing the appointee badge(and flaunting it, of course) & most importantly, enjoying the feeling of being the senior-most class…..oh dear! I’m missing it all so terribly! Meeting friends during break, teasing others about supposed crushes, planning surprises for a best friend’s birthday, lamenting over tough tests & subsequently not-too-good marks, getting tense about too short a preparation leave, too huge a syllabus………..I could go on & on & on…..after all, its been the place where we spent almost half our day almost everyday in!!
I’m missing the Music Basement. Singing whatever we all liked, which most of the time was by A.R. Rehman………listening spellbound to classical recitals on the cassette player, learning new songs or just chatting about the newest movies or some irritating singers…….
You get the gist of it. I’m missing school TERRIBLY



3 thoughts on “Nostalgia…..

  1. I know! The school library should be made open to alumni!Yeah … being the senior most class was great ;)But hey, I suppose things won’t change <>too<> much in college … only the ‘everyday’ friends will be different … hmm …

  2. Ya, I guess so….but aren’t you missing school as well head boy? I’m so sure you are….

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